DHiT4NKERzAL2hkriZ9mgR2hn08 Courteous Blogger: The Angry Birds Joins The Animated Movie 'Rio'

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Angry Birds Joins The Animated Movie 'Rio'

The Angry Birds Joins The Animated Movie 'Rio' - In a new game, Angry Birds of Rovio are about to join the upcoming animated film on April, which is the 'Rio', from the makers of the Ice Age franchise.

Angry Birds' designer Rovio announced that they will release a newer version of its very popular game, improving the current version of Angry Birds, to tie into the release of the animated film "Rio."

In the 'Angry Birds Rio', the characters has been kidnapped and it was taken to Rio de Janeiro. It looks like Angry Birds' gameplay will revolve around to save other birds which has been captured, and also the two characters of the upcoming animated film are included.

The new game app will launch with 45 new levels and episodes, and will feature the same gameplay like the previous versions of the Angry Birds, with a several references to the film.
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